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My exposure to art was enhanced by my added exposure to Art History, which pulled me to films. It led me to pursue post-graduation education in Cinematography. I entered the Media Sector as a Television Video Producer in 2012. Under the mentorship of Balakaisalam, while I worked as a Video Producer, exposure to journalism, news, and news media and visual digital creation further enhanced my skills as an artist. To Know more head to blog "MY JOURNEY"

My aim is to facilitate work with minimal investment and grossing large revenue in filmmaking. The intention is to expand the network of artists and film technicians through workshops to create an in-house production team and increase employment for women in the field of media. The Faculty of Alternative Film and Media Society (AFMS) will conduct the workshops. Film, history, art, design, media, law and business professionals will guide the mentioned workshops in all aspects of film and media. 

This will facilitate the creation of high-quality cinema with minimum budget reinvestment plan and optimize ROI for the shareholders and investors. Consequent to this, employment opportunities in the field of Digital Media and Films for women and the underprivileged will expand to create an in-house team. The mission is to train then, procure in-house resources with reduced hiring cost to create a package of three cost-effective films ready for distribution and sales within a span of 4 years by creating quality content away from censorship.


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